Monday, September 13, 2010

Passionate Filipino Sentiments!

Passionate Filipino Sentiments!
Jm Benavidez Estoque

From whence shall we trust? No one… but from ourselves! From whence shall we stand upon? No one… but from our very own feet!

My dear fellow brethren… when would be the time for us to be strong! … To be independent among to ourselves! When would be this right time when I see… when I see within ourselves, fellow brothers, uniting for a common dream! … And sharing for a common goal!

Are we not tired enough to see our Filipino pride, that was once so called Pearl of the Orient, being trampled, crushed and trodden? In our own very heart, is it not enough to see our beloved nation?- the flesh of our flesh whose fervent desires runs our passions that had long been sleeping for centuries; a sacred dignity … being just disgraced by ourselves? Whose from our pride blood stained with lies, corruption and deception?!

When is the time for us to change?! When would be this proper time for us to soar again amidst the greatness of our forefathers?!

Where are those bright minds? Where are those passionate hearts? Where are those who in their lives we could see the love for one’s nation?!

Where are those, the youth? …The so-called bright morrows of our nation? Where are those brave hearts whose deep in their veins lies the fervent honor and nationalism?! Where are you?! I’ve long been waiting for you?!

How long can we endure, these deprived sentiments?... the burdens of our soul, the sorrows of the heart?!

How long can we bear, this stains that hath long been mortifying our passionate desires?! …The dream of our dreams?

How long can we keep deep within our chaotic minds and long can we buried it in our confused hearts, the laments, the mourning and the sufferings of our mother land?!

Oh! Rise ye nation! I pray thee! You must rise again! You are a child of Eden! In your blood runs the cradle of noble heroes!

Oh rise thee, beloved mother! For long have you been suffered and enslaved, now must be the time… for you to rise again! …and to soar again long of the deep bright clouds that long you’d been yearning!

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