Monday, September 13, 2010

I Accuse...

I Accuse...

Whether you like it or not, you are sitting atop a time bomb. Worst, you are taking lightly the inescapable reality that it exist – all because you have been lulled all these years into a belief that everything is fine, just fine, thanks to a captive, intimidated and prostituted media.

So, on with that false sense of security, the serenity with which you have accepted the things around you. “It’s such a lovely landscape,” you say, “Join me, let’s bask under the sun.” before it explodes you don’t say!

In the meantime, the timing device ticks on, ticking off the seconds from the hour, until, with the final countdown to zero, it is too late to avoid the explosion – to elude the ugly truth, that we have been gullible idiots all along, playing into the hands of sweet-talking demagogues with their ready answers and empty promises.

But the signs could not have escaped you – they are so starkly real to be ignored, so intimately linked with everyday life, yours and mine – ours. You could not have failed to notice them, or while they bluntly portray the present, they are just as inseparably a part of your future and the future of your children.

Thus, before you, is a wide panoramic view of the suffering – from want, from neglect, from the indifference of those in whom the welfare of the people has been entrusted. One wonders how you can be so blind.

While no relief is in sight nor had been attempted in all seriousness and dedication, now here comes again Mr. X with tongue in cheek, unabashed, and with all the theatrics at his command, beguiling the electorate once more with his artifice, offering himself for another tenure of incompetence, poor performance, and untrustworthiness in public office. God! What have we done that we should be visited by such a blight!

There really are people who simply do not know how much we endure them!

Meanwhile, the time-bomb ticks on and unless defused on time, we shall all be blown to smithereens!

Just what is ailing us today?

Mr. X’s entry into the picture is illustrative of the callousness, the daring, and the atrocious impudence of phonies, so thick-faced they are insensitive to the public condemnation of their crimes and misdeeds. These are the kinds who prey on a credulous electorate, then, before the ink dries on their oaths of office, the kind who immediately maps out measures to the feast of public funds!

Let us beware of such candidate, such kind of public servant, in the same way that one avoids a plague! Voting for him is simply calamitous for beneath that benign and smiling face is a scheming mind bent on devious ways to enrich himself in office. An octopus in human form has tentacles reach deep into the farthest and tiniest crevices where the last centavo may be heard to tingle, for there is nothing to satiate his avarice, there is nothing to satisfy his inordinate greed. It is time too, to realize that the hoary arms of this monster, fondling an armalite, cast a shadow over our lives, our present and our future and those of our successors. It is time, therefore, that this candidate who begs for our votes should stand an accounting for his omissions, his dubious accomplishments or the manner by which he conducted himself while in office – or in committing his crimes.

Unhappily, the measure of a public official should be one at par with Caesar’s wife – above suspicion. I say, “unhappily” because Mr. X could hardly measure up to pur barest expectations. In fact, if he has any decency left in him, he should never have shown his face in public for the shame and the ignominy he had placed on his name, and the ill-repute to which his town had been made to bear, all because of a single scoundrel.

For once, let us vote for integrity in office, for performance and deportment beyond reproach, for the honor of this town we all love.

For once let us join hands to vote for Mr. Y, and thus let prosperity be with us once more. And in one decisive stroke of rallying behind his leadership, let the time-bomb of disaster be dismantled, with law and order, peace and progress restored under a benevolent God, supreme once more over our land and fortunes!

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